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2016: First Half in a Nutshell

Hello awesome people! After a super long hibernation from writing, I’m just so delighted that I’ve finally gained some vigor and inspiration to write a new post again! Yipee! Time flies so fast, they say and we’re only a few days away from leaving June. Grabe ‘no? Tapos Pasko na naman! (Gastos na naman haha)

So, this post is actually an update of what I’ve started/ accomplished/ been busy doing or whatever you may call it for the past few months. I’d like to share to you a rundown of my major experiences so far. By the way, do you remember the blog post I made last December about God’s plans and life miracles? The dramatic one? If you haven’t read it yet, you may check it out here. I’m ecstatic! I told you, it gets better! God is always true to His words. The year 2015 may have been full of heartaches but I’m definitely feeling 2016 is my year, so let’s get started.

2016 1st half Highlights

1. I’ve reunited with one of my old hobbies, which is painting. During the last quarter of 2015, I bought new watercolor paints, brushes and other art materials to practice with. But it was only this year that I really started painting again regularly. Gee, I’m not really a professional but I enjoy doing this hobby since it’s a great stress-reliever. Click here to see a super short time lapse video on how I painted Heather. Please don’t judge haha.

watercolor art
Meet Heather. Click on the photo to see a super short time lapse video. Please don’t judge haha.

2. Celebrated my first 1st year anniversary as a home-based online tutor! Whoa! I can still remember how scared I was to leave the comforts of my stable, and promising career in the corporate world.  I was full of doubts, but I took the leap of faith. Still no regrets! I even managed to be awarded as a top performing tutor twice. It clearly shows that if you love what you do, money and recognition will just follow. Below is a photo taken by my co-tutor Case.C at one of our Rarejob Tutor Gatherings. Check out her vlog too! Click here to watch crazy, fun-loving tutors in action!

Rarejob Tutor Gathering 2016
Photo by Tutor KC

3.  Switching to a freelance career may have its perks, but it definitely has its downside too. Since I’m the only one paying my own SSS, Philhealth, and health insurance without any assistance from any employer, not to mention the household bills and other personal expenses I have to shoulder, I thought I wouldn’t be able to save much or even invest! But if there’s a will, there a way and I have started my road to financial freedom! Pay yourself first, right? I subscribe to Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club where I get my financial advice on stock investments and I’ve been consistently investing for 7 months now.  In addition that, I have also completed the first year of paying my life insurance from BPI-Philam Life. It’s not easy, I tell you. There are months that I really want to skip because of sudden “emergencies”. I quoted that word since I don’t think shopping for shoes at 30% off is an emergency in case you really, as in really need one. But, it’s a small sacrifice I have to bear for a better future. Delayed gratification muna for now.

Saving Money

4. Also this year, I have updated my tax information and decided to register as a self-employed individual. As an independent contractor, it’s my obligation to file my taxes on my own. I was able to file my last year’s annual income tax and I now have an ITR which I can show as proof of income for several transactions. Yehey!! I may post another article for this one to guide other tutors on registering and filing their ITRs as well.


Completion of tax form.

5. Wow Philippines indeed! I got to travel more domestically marveling at what each city has to offer. These experiences were even made better by friends and my family who shared those precious times with me – fall-hopping in Laguna, unlimited snorkeling in El Nido, Palawan, island tour in Magawala Island, Zambales, Hiking in Daraitan Rizal, caving in Sagada, witnessing the beauty of Banaue rice terraces and a lot more. Everything was just sooooo AMAZING! Proud to be Pinoy! 🙂

Matinloc Peak View
Matinloc Peak, El Nido Palawan
Floating house at Bacala Resort
Floating house at Bacala Resort, Zambales
Buwis-kulay shot
Banaue Rice Terraces
Banaue Rice Terraces
Sagada Echo Valley
Hanging coffins in Sagada
Bukal Falls Laguna
Bukal Falls Laguna

6. Hello, Malaysia! Yes, it was also this year that I had my first travel abroad. I visited Malacca to see George Town, which is included in the list of World Heritage sites and stayed in Kuala Lumpur for half a day tour for a quick photo op with the Petronas Twin Towers. Ticked one of my goals off my bucket list! More to come!

Christ Church

Petronas Twin Towers

7. Last but definitely not the least is having more time with my family and reconnecting with old friends were also part of the major highlights of my early 2016. If there’s one thing that I have learned this year is to create good memories with them while working on your goals at the same time. The people we love dearly won’t always be there so make sure to manage your priorities well. How I wish to have shared these important moments, too, with my dad, but everything happens for a reason. This year also marks my dad’s first death anniversary. I know he’s in a better place now. We may have lost him physically, but his love, and our love for him remain. The best thing I can do right now is to make the most out of my time with the people who matter to me.

My Ohana

So, how about you? How’s the first half of 2016 been to you? I hope you also had an amazing time. I’m already excited for the new experiences and challenges that this year has to offer. Stay tuned for my next update. Change is coming and find out what it’ll be. Teehee! ^_^


2 thoughts on “2016: First Half in a Nutshell

  1. Wow! Indeed I’m inlove with your blog already HiBuhay! I’m working out on my writings so I can write a very informative and inspiring articles like yours! Minsan kasi nakakafrustrate when I cant put into writings yung mga gusto ko i-blog. However, reading an awesome blogs like yours is my motivation and inspiration to strive harder.

    Keep up the good work! Keep inspiring us!


    1. Thank you for your kind words sis! Frustrated writer din ako pero write lang ng write. We have our own style and way of reaching out to people. We’ll soon attract the type of audience who’ll appreciate our style. Write to express not to impress. Ohaaa hahah.


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