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Are You Guilty of Extrajudicial Spending?

Extrajudicial spending can be referred to as any spending committed outside or more than your set budget. You were just supposed to buy grocery in the supermarket, but when you passed by your favorite shoe store, you found out that they’re having a huge sale and ended up buying a pair of shoes that you didn’t even need in the first place. Or, you were a little early during a meet up with a friend and decided to wait and  chill out at Starbucks and again ended up spending more than what you allotted for that day. The list goes on but I’m sure you get the point.

But what does it take to save a significant amount of money? I believe it’s more than just changing our spending habits. It might work for a few weeks or months but it wouldn’t really get you that far. However, transforming our perspective about wealth can be a more powerful, direct approach that anyone can use to initiate massive changes in our financial lives.

If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.
― T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

1. What I Own or Wear Doesn’t Define the Person that I am

We often spend on things and invest not to make ourselves holistically better, but we focus too much on enhancing our image. We are so concerned on how people think about us, on how they view us. It’s okay to buy branded clothes because some (not all) have excellent quality that can save you bucks in the long run. But, if you spend more than what you can just because you’re trying to prove to others that you’re a “can-do” type of person, then that’s a sure way to bury yourself to bad debt.

You are more than what you own. Our possessions don’t define our worth as a person. The sooner we let go of the need to get society’s approval, and to keep up with the latest trend, the sooner it is that we can focus our energy and resources on things that truly matter to us.

2. Ditch the “Keep up with the Joneses” Mentality

This too is somehow related to my first point. It’s not a competition. Each of us is living in our own timeline. So what if your friend bought a car, or was promoted to a higher position or recently got married? Not because it’s happening quickly to others , it doesn’t mean you’re being left behind. Again, you are on your own timeline not on theirs. Focus on your craft. Envy leads to jealousy and jealousy turns into resentment. According to the law of attraction, we repel the things that we negate or resent. Start admiring people and use them as an inspiration. By doing that, you are slowly attracting positive energy and eventually wealth to your life.

3. Be Grateful, Always

A wise man once said, count your blessings. It said your blessings and not other’s blessings. Every day we are given a chance, an opportunity to create a different ending to our lives, to have a better ending. Isn’t it something that we should be grateful for? You can choose to live each day with hope and gratitude, or live in frustration and regret.

List the things you are thankful for: good health, education, relationships, roof on your head, eating 3-meals a day, etc.. People around the world are struggling just to survive and live by. It’s totally fine to aim for bigger, better things but it shouldn’t rob us of the joy in appreciating the great things that we have in the present.

4. Commit to your Tithes

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We give not because we are expecting something in return. But, we give because we honor God as the provider of all things. All that we own are not ours to keep. We have a duty not only to ourselves and family but also to the community, to our brothers and sisters who will benefit from these resources.

With these principles, I hope we can start probing ourselves too and make better financial decisions. It may not be a smooth journey ahead but I’m sure it will be worthwhile.

May all your dreams come true! Good luck! ♥


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