SSS Online Salary Loan Application for Voluntary Paying Members

Today marks one of my freelance career’s milestones: applying for my first loan. Yey! As you may have read in my previous posts, I opted to continue paying for my SSS contribution to act as a safety net in case of emergency. Though there’s none as of the moment, I was just both curious and eager to know how it’ll turn out for me.

Moving on, I’m so thrilled to share how easy it is for voluntary paying members, like me, to apply for an SSS salary loan online. I do hope that the processing and delivery of my check would be just as quick. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Step 1: First, you must log in to your account in the SSS website. If you haven’t registered yet, you may click on this link to create an account.

Step 2: Once you’re logged in, you will be directed to this page. Hover your cursor on the E-services tab and a dropdown menu will appear. Click on the Apply for Salary Loan.


Step 3: The maximum loanable amount will depend on the posted monthly contributions  (MC) in your account. In my case, I haven’t reached 72 MCs so I am only eligible for a one-month loan. I pay quarterly via Bayad Center or SM Bills Payment. It usually takes 2-3 business days for my payment to be posted online. Fill in the required fields and check the box to agree with the Terms and Condition. Click Proceed.


Step 4: You will be asked to confirm your details first for any corrections or changes. If everything’s fine, click Submit.


You might be wondering what a loan disclosure statement is. In simple terms, it’s a document showing you the amount and schedule of your payments for the next 24 months. Please see screenshot below for your reference:


Step 5: A confirmation message will be displayed if your application was successfully submitted and a transaction number will be given to you for recordkeeping purposes. A notification containing the same details will also be sent to your email address.

And you’re done! Easy-peasy! They say it takes 2-3 weeks before I can receive my check. I will definitely update you once I got mine.

1st Update (Oct. 15):

This morning (October 15), I received an SMS form SSS saying that my loan application was approved. Cool! 


2nd Update (Nov.25):

I personally went to the post office to claim my SSS check. I was able to speak to the mailman who tried delivering the check last Nov. 7, but nobody was answering the door so he just left. Anyway, I’m still delighted to finally receive my mail. I immediately went to the bank to deposit it. Since the check was issued by PNB, it’ll take 3 banking days for the amount to be credited to my account.

3rd Update (Nov. 29):

Checked my account after lunch and the amount has already been credited. Yey!

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3 thoughts on “SSS Online Salary Loan Application for Voluntary Paying Members

  1. Just a question. Did you go directly to post office to claim your check or did you visit SSS main office first to get a registry number? QC post office told me that they need the registry number which can be claimed from SSS for them to trace the check. And if you did visit SSS office, did you set an appointment first? TIA.


    1. Hi Patrick. Yes, you need to get your registry number first. I just requested mine by calling SSS hotline. They will give you instructions on how to secure your registry number. Once you have it, you can go to your local post office to claim your check. 🙂


      1. Hi Catlady (or do you have a real name? I prefer to call you on your real name 🙂 ). Apparrently, I called SSS hotline and asked for the registry number. They told me that I should go directly to main office to get that number, which is somewhat inconvenient to me since I live far from the metro. Did they tell you specific instructions on how to get the registry number? I asked, pero they insist that I should visit the office instead. And if I do, do I have to set an appointment first?


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